My work is a personal reflection on transformation.  I use a number of basic design principles and consider how the process, as well as visual aspects of each piece, connect to this theme.  There are literal modifications, as well as symbolic representation.  As I build upon a framework, I will allow accidents to occur and then adjust to bring it together.  I gravitate towards the imperfections and contradictions, as they allow me to free up and move forward.  There is a progression in my process that celebrates the idea of hope and possibility.  


I am influenced greatly by music and other types of performing arts. Jazz music, for instance, possesses a structure that evolves at moments with improvisations.  There is a balance of planned application and instinctive execution.  With this in mind, I am drawn to subtle characteristics and how they interact with one another.  A straight edge can become unified with its neighboring, gestural mark. The manner in which two dissimilar principles find a shared path gives me joy.  This mixture of like and opposing forces drives my choices.  


Lines, colors and shapes are like characters or sounds that build up a story in my work.  It may be abstract in nature.  I often begin with a part of something through experimentation or outside imagery.  The most ordinary of things could garner my attention.  This can ultimately lead to a change in perspective.  From there, I like to consider how the elements react and play off one other. As each project develops, I am looking to create a dialogue that resonates with others and myself.  And through this communication, I find moments of inspiration that can open doors to new discoveries.