My work is a personal reflection on transformation.  I am drawn to the subtle and unexpected ways that we can adjust our perspective.  This is an area of great interest and is reflected in the quiet layers of change in each piece.  It may be the most ordinary of things that catch my attention.  A line can change direction, run parallel, or intersect other lines.  It can repeat to form a pattern or exhibit distinct qualities from other lines.  In a similar manner, shapes and colors can be used to alter a space.  They are able to interact through a variety of means and produce a transformative effect.  Even at the minimal level, there is a visual shift.  And by capturing the simple steps, I am presenting a means to celebrate possibility.   


I am considering how to translate this idea through a balance of planned and reactionary application.  My practice includes literal modifications, as well as symbolic representation.  As I build upon a framework, I will allow each piece to evolve, accept some of the accidents, and then adjust to bring it together.  I gravitate towards the imperfections and contradictions, as they enable me to free up and move forward. 


There are a number of influences in my work, from performing arts to architecture and nature.  Experiences close to my life and stories of others can be connected to the work.  Textures and rhythms, for example, of a jazz composition or exterior landscape form a relationship that I try to emulate little by little.  Visual instruments join one another to hopefully produce a heightened experience.  Much of the time, it can be a small sound or a glance at something that can be the catalyst. 


Through my work, I am seeking to find progressions, rotations, and signs of change.  In everything, there is line, shape and varying degrees of color.  Patterns and cycles are in and around us.  With the theme of transformation in mind, I am seeing how these principles and elements can create moments that provide inspiration for me.  They are like doors opening up to new discoveries.  A language has been learned in my process, and I hope to understand it more and share a message along the way.