My work is a personal reflection on transformation.  I am searching for ways to convey how basic visual principles can be a metaphor for inspiration and hope.  I am aware that such things can be like keys opening up doors to new discoveries. An evolving process utilizes such elements as pattern, color, line, space and texture.  And these tools can furthermore makeup the forms and objects within certain pieces.  Whether it is the actual application itself that constitutes change or a symbolic representation in the composition, I am considering ways to bring truth to each project and lend a voice to possibility.


There are many influences that guide my choices.  It could be a longer study or a momentary observation that sets the work in motion.  In addition to the natural creative progression, I will include found objects and previously completed layers to specific works.  These materials become like characters that find a role in the story.  I also liken them to sounds or instrumental samples that are stored up and then woven in to make a finished composition. They add a different dimension, a new perspective, and lend themselves to supporting my work’s objective.   


I consider each project to be a construction where particular materials are applied or added over time.  The starting point could be a blank space or a previously worked piece that needed some rest.  Whether it is subtle modification or an overt variation, I intend to continue a dialogue about transformation. 


There is an instinctual balance within my studio practice that I have come to understand over the years. Making the art has allowed me to explore things outside of myself and to look within.  From curiosity to building a path, I am attempting to make my way and find meaning.