About Me

I was born 1974 and raised in Texas. In 1997, I began experimenting with painting while working at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.  After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin, I held my first solo exhibition in 1998 with a series of portraits.  That same year, I saw an image of Eva Hesse's Addendum (1967) in a magazine editorial.  It forever left me with a sense of inspiration and provided a purpose to explore further into art and design.  

In my youth, sports and the outdoors were a normal part of life.  My imagination was also ever present, as I would create scenes from movies in my head or develop “projects” while on the course or playing field. These early observations and need to create have remained with me.  There is a definite connection to these memories in my current studio practice.   


In 2000, I began assisting family and friends at the Sicardi Gallery.  After enrolling in art classes at the community college, I studied painting at University of Houston.  The experience in formal art studio classes was wonderful, as well as teaching in secondary school.  I consider a self-taught foundation to be the strength in driving my choices. I often work with a mixture of materials, but painting is still my foundation.  

I have had the opportunity to exhibit work in various solo and group shows, as well as collaborate with dance and theatre productions. My work is part of several private and public collections in Texas and the United States.  Teaching programs at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Maine College of Art, and Kansas City Art Institute have helped in my development.  As I begin the next phase of my professional studio practice, I look forward to more projects that challenge me and help my growth as an artist.  My home and studio spaces are in Houston and College Station, TX.